The Rubicon

Cast self-directs The Zig-Zag Woman

Senior Marcus Alburez (left) regales a disapproving waitress, played by sophomore Maggie Vlietstra (right), with a story about his ex-girlfriend who “went to Italy for a facelift and an abortion.” The Zig-Zag Woman is co-directed by the actors.

Thomas Toghramadjian, Opinions Editor

February 7, 2014

A man walks into a restaurant, and orders enough hamburgers to feed a large family. Tucking into the food, he recounts a story of a disastrous affair he had in Italy—the story ends with his girlfriend screaming at him while airport security forcibly removes her from a flight home. But, the man says...

Gallery: Casts and crews prepare for One Act performances

From left, freshman Isabelle Bukovsan, junior Sonja Mischke, and sophomore Maren Findlay warm up before rehearsing Molière's Two Precious Maidens Ridiculed, directed by seniors Kaia Findlay and Helen Derechin.

Thomas Toghramadjian, Opinions Editor

February 7, 2014

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Students will explore identity at Diversity Leadership Conference

Seniors Jared Mosher, Ellis Evans, and Emma Chang prepare for the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. “The honesty you see from people—it’s just amazing! Kids just break down and tell their deepest darkest secrets,” Mosher said.

Eva Perez-Greene, In-Depth Editor

November 27, 2013

Senior Jared Mosher stands at the board and illustrates his point in preparation for the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. It’s good practice for Mosher, who will do this again for new conference attendees. A metaphorical mosaic is this year’s SDLC theme and the St. Paul Academy and Summit...