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Junior class distanced lunch meeting cancelled due to absences

May 14, 2020
On May 11, there was a scheduled time for the junior class to meet and have lunch together, but it was canceled due to a lack of interest from the students.

[PHOTO GALLERY] Marshmallow roasting brings s’more fun to third quarter

Juniors Adam Holod, Jonas Bray, and Julia Baron share a Bunsen burner.
February 24, 2020
During tutorial, science teachers hosted a s'more activity with Bunsen burners.

QUIZ: Baby match-up, teacher edition

QUIZ: Baby match-up, teacher edition
April 25, 2018
Do you think your know your teacher's children? Take this quiz to find out.

An educator’s dream: students defeat teachers at quiz bowl tournament

The first ever teachers vs. students quiz bowl tournament took place on Apr. 12 in the Huss Center.
April 12, 2018
The students vs. teachers quiz bowl took place on Apr. 12 on the Huss Center stage.

Anticipation of new science electives ignites passion

US Chemistry teaccher Mallory Schmidt draws and identifies parts of a Galvanic Cell for the students.
April 9, 2018
Science teachers express their anticipation and excitement for the upcoming science electives.

[FILTERED] Students and faculty share Olympic favorites

[FILTERED] Students and faculty share Olympic favorites
February 22, 2018
Students and faculty snapped their favorite winter Olympic sport.

Students react to Vikings loss, display mixed emotions

January 23, 2018
Community members reveal their thoughts, opinions, and feelings about the Minnesota Vikings losing their semifinal playoff game.

“Secret Spartan” brings junior class together before break

JCLC organized a gift exchange for the junior class. Junior Jennie Verhey received a winter themed gift from her
December 8, 2017
Juniors had the option to participate in a gift exchange before midterms, brightening up exam season and spreading cheer.

Mandatory positive activities strengthen the community

Letters of thankfulness that sophomores wrote have been arranged to read
November 30, 2017
By making acts of kindness mandatory, grade leaders strengthen the community of both grades and the high school as a whole.

Heckman and Schmidt teach new science electives

Next year's science electives include topics like Relativity and Quantum Physics and Space Science.
April 5, 2016
The new science electives include: Advanced Topics in Biology: Genetics and Advanced Topics in Chemistry: Organic Chemistry.
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