The Rubicon

Students get their daily dose of humor

A recent poll survey students about humor.

Boraan Abdulkarim, Chief Visual Editor

June 4, 2014

A loud, welcoming sound of laughter fills the large, open space of the Summit Center. The students gathered on the rectangular frame of couches laugh at a string of sarcastic comments shot from one corner to another. Two sophomores in a nook of the library giggle at funny stories about their weekend...

Students for Social Justice hope to change school dress code

 Students for Social Justice members lead a discussion about the dress code, led by presidents sophomores Alena Porter and Claire Walsh (standing on left). “We are working with [the Upper School Council] and a group of other [students] to change the dress code,” Porter said.

Katrina Hilton, Sports Editor

April 3, 2014

In March, Students for Social Justice discussed the current SPA dress code. Members of the group feel that some of the wording of the dress code is not fairly or appropriately enforced. The group is also discussing the wording of the current code, which includes ambiguous words like “modesty.” The...

Sophomore Alena Porter describes life with a tortoise as a pet

“My dad got her when she was just an egg about the size of a quarter, and now she’s about the size of a watermelon,

Noor Qureishy, Staff Writer

February 18, 2014

When thinking about tortoises, large, wise, tranquil creatures, wandering in pools of calm water come to mind--these gentle, beautiful herbivores seem unlikely pets for city-dwelling citizens. However, sophomore Alena Porter has grown up with a female, twenty-five year old African Leopard tortoise nam...

Oreos: Cookie or cream, students can’t get enough

Sophomores Navodhya Samarakoon, Lexi Bottern, Lukas Kelsey-Friedemann, and Brendan McGlincey enjoy a box of Oreos. Many students enjoy Oreos; however, the snack causes some students disappointment because Oreos are brought to often to student meetings. “I’ll get sick of Oreos really quick,” sophomore Alena Porter said.

Boraan Abdulkarim, Cover Story Editor

November 27, 2013

“Milk’s Favorite Cookie” is, apparently, St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s, too. The wildly popular Oreo sandwich cookie is an SPA tradition. It’s easy accessibility, relatively cheap price, and the large variety of flavors all make it the ideal snack to bring in for advisory or student...

Students for Social Justice opens up conversation on global issues

Sophomores Claire Walsh and Alena Porter lead the Students for Social Justice student group. “We are hoping to begin to educate the SPA community through informational posters throughout the next month,” Walsh said.

Katrina Hilton, Sports Editor

November 5, 2013

The Students for Social Justice student group’s goal is to educate its members and the St. Paul Academy and Summit School community about social justice issues that occur locally and globally. “We discuss a variety of different topics, but a common theme is women's rights,” sophomore president Clai...

Students for Social Justice rebounds with entirely new members

Nina Zietlow, News Editor

October 7, 2013

The start of the new school year brings new faces to St. Paul Academy and Summit School's’s Students for Social Justice (SSJ) student group.The group, which focuses on educating themselves and the community on both local and international social justice issues, was made up entirely of seniors last...