Students for Social Justice rebounds with entirely new members

The start of the new school year brings new faces to St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s’s Students for Social Justice (SSJ) student group.The group, which focuses on educating themselves and the community on both local and international social justice issues, was made up entirely of seniors last year and lost all of its members when they graduated from SPA. The group is now being co-lead by two sophomores Alena Porter and Claire Walsh and continues to be advised by Upper School English teacher Haseena Hamzawala. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s nice that you can bounce ideas and plans off another person,” Porter said, referring to Walsh. The group will focus on a variety of issues this year including rape culture, wage gap, racism, and international women’s rights. SSJ will continue to partner with the nonprofit organization Breaking Free that focuses on rebuilding the lives of women who have been victims of sex-trafficking. To try something new this year, SSJ wishes to collaborate with Film Club to show a movie about a relevant social justice issue. They also are interested in collaborating with Student Political Union for discussions in order to give both groups a more balanced view on the issues.