Sophomore Cole Staples shares playlist

Sophomore Cole Staples enjoys an eclectic spectrum of music.

Photo credit: Paul Watkins

Sophomore Cole Staples enjoys an eclectic spectrum of music.

Sophomore Cole Staples shares his recommendations for a mid-week playlist. “Don’t listen to the music, experience the sounds,” Staples said.

1) Pink Floyd – Echoes

“It’s like something that you can lay down, relax to, and lose yourself in. Echoes isn’t the only song I like. I just like concept albums in general.”

2) Raubtier – Dragunov

“I like it because it’s just kind of… funny. And I like the metal.”

3) Radiohead – Creep

“I like Radiohead’s stuff. Their lyrics are good. I can relate to some of it.”

4) Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

“It’s a classic.”

5) AC/DC – Back in Black

“I just kind of love the gusto that AC/DC brings to it. [imitates AC/DC] That’s why I love TNT also.”

6) Guenther – Ding Dong Song

“I just kind of love the music, and the tune it goes to.”

7) Enya – Only Time

“Subscribe if your heart will go on.”

8) A-ha- Take On Me

“It’s very upbeat and I like it.”

9) Dexys Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen

“It’s a one-hit wonder song, but I like it. It has a nice message about being hopeful.”

10) BizMarkie – Just a Friend

“It’s so funny. Hearing BizMarkie do his thing on the piano with the wig… it’s great.”

11) Modest Mouse – Float on

“It’s a nice message about moving on from stuff and how things will get better with time.”


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