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Paul Watkins
Paul Watkins is a second year staff writer, newly appointed Science and Technology editor on the Rubicon staff. Paul has a passion for classical music, clever T.V. shows, writing, reading, Quiz bowl, and playing the viola in a youth orchestra outside of school. If Paul could enter any fiction work, he would choose The Lord of the Rings, an epic saga of high fantasy. However, Paul’s favorite book is a children’s novel called The Phantom Tollbooth, a story that he loves because it teaches life lessons--like how to find beauty in the smallest aspects of life--and is something everyone can read. It’s largely unknown that part of  one of Paul’s eyebrows is fake--the consequence of a head wound from a childhood accident. Over the summer, Paul traveled to Berlin, Germany and although he’s looking forward to the school year, he’s anticipating incoming tests, PSATs, and other monstrosities with no small amount of dread.


Paul Watkins, Science & Technology Editor

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