QUIZ: Emojis or exclamation points?

Does traditional grammar or texting grammar rule?

How much do you remember from your elementary school grammar classes? Not much, probably.

As “Millennials”, or people born in the time window from 1976 to 2004, become increasingly engaged online, they transform the English language to best fit the format of texting and social media platforms. Acronyms, randomly placed punctuation, and irregular capitalization have become commonplace in online forums. While the grammar (or lack thereof) found on the average teen’s Instagram Discover Page might break a teacher’s heart, teens find that obliterating the traditional rules of the English language allows them to convey emotion more clearly. Adults, who cling to the grammar rules they learned as children, are often bewildered by this “new language.” On the flip side, teens are slowly losing their grasp on the fundamentals of the “real” English language. Test your proficiency in both versions of English with this quiz-which do you know better; Grammar Rules or Texting Rules?