Drake’s three-track EP, Scary Hours 2, is scarily good


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The first scary hours was an EP that contained the iconic “God’s Plan.”

Lynn Reynolds, RubicOnline

Almost 10 months without a major Drake release, he finally released a three-song EP on Friday, Mar. 5 titled Scary Hours 2. The first EP, “Scary Hours,” that was released in 2018 had God’s Plan, which was a massive hit; amassing billions of streams across various platforms, alongside a more substance-based lyrical track “Diplomatic Immunity.”

The first track, “What’s Next” is a boastful and catchy song where he showcases a lot of the things he has achieved, and how comfortable with fame he is. It sounds like it will be a good TikTok dance song, talking about actions that have potentially good dance moves: wiping one’s nose, stretching, or handing things off. In today’s popular music, numbers play a big role. Western artists typically sell bundles that give them more points on popular music charts and rankings. “I’m on the hot one hundo, numero uno, this one ain’t come with a bundle,” Drake doesn’t care about that though, because it’s bound to come to him, “I put a skirt on the whip and crown on the six, but there’s no need to dress up the numbers.” He’s proud, maybe a little vengeful, and it feels like he can do whatever he wants next.

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Featuring Lil Baby, the second track, “Wants and Needs,” essentially talk about the important aspects of life; what is wanted versus what is actually needed. Lil Baby and Drake, two of the biggest rappers right now, have complimenting styles and manage to keep up with eachother.It talks a lot about religion and Drake’s thoughts that maybe he should be practicing that more. The last lines of the chorus, and coincidentally the song, are “should repent, I need me some Jesus in my life, Amen.” It also does it’s fair talk about women (“I’m in love with two girls at one time”). It’s a pumped-up song and seems like it would be a great workout track. The beat makes the song sound a little bit eerie, as if he’s doing what he’s not supposed to be doing, but with the different styles and lavish lifestyles the two constantly refer to, it’s infectious.

“Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” which is apparently named because of Rick Ross’ (the feature and Wingstop franchise owner) love for Lemon Pepper wings and wings in general, is again, another ode to the extravagances in life (something that Drake does a lot of). “We want everything galore, not just Lira Galore, for real and my city love me like DeMar DeRozan.” (Sidenote: Lira Galore was in a relationship with feature Rick Ross, and DeMar DeRozan is a former Toronto Raptors forward who is extremely loyal to his California hometown, Compton, as Drake is to his city of Toronto). The vocals in the back radiate some late-night R&B extravagance. Many are actually referring to this song to have one of Drake’s best verses yet. Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant even agrees.