REVIEW: Drake releases new music to tease upcoming album

Lauren Boettcher

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The cover of Drakes upcoming album features his father.


The cover of Drake’s upcoming album features his father.

Rap Icon Drake celebrated his 30th birthday with the announcement of a new album. That’s right, another new album.

Drake plans on dropping a brand new album sometime in December. It will be titled New Life and is meant to be a playlist, rather than a mix-tape, as his former albums have been. Instead, Drake hopes the playlist will provide listeners with a narrative experience, and provide them insight into his life.

So far, Drake has released three songs from the album, “Fake Love,” “Two Birds One Stone,”  and ”Sneakin.” All of which contain Drake’s usual flare and sound, but contain more depth and emotion than the rapper has used in previous releases. In his most popular release, “Fake Love,” Drake opens up about his fear that the people around him are only pretending to like him for his fame.

Make sure to watch out for Drakes upcoming album this December.



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