[PHOTO GALLERY] Rising seniors don new t-shirts

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  • "I am excited to be a senior because I've been at SPA since 3rd grade, and I'm hoping that senior year will be a good end to a really long, really fun journey with this awesome class," said junior Mashal Naqvi.

  • "I am excited to be a senior because it means that I can be a role model for the rest of the school," said junior Preston Fares

  • "Thinking back to when I was a freshman, I couldn't imagine myself doing college applications or giving a senior speech, and now because I and the rest of the class have grown so much throughout high school those things don't seem as scary," said junior Nora Povejsil.

  • Junior Eliza Reedy in the 2019 class t-shirt.

  • Junior Rachael Johnson in the class of 2019 senior t-shirt.

  • Junior Elea Hualian in the class of 2019 senior t-shirt.

  • Junior Ethan Asis in the class of 2019 t-shirt.

  • Junior Imran Umer in the class of 2019 class t-shirt.

  • Junior Justin Hla in the class of 2019 t-shirt.

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With the senior class having their final day of classes on Friday, May 4 and now gone on senior project, the junior class came to school on May. 7 in their newly made senior t-shirts. As the year is slowly coming to a close and students are gaining freedoms in all grades, juniors are given special senior privileges and the beginning of responsibility as a rising senior. Looking ahead to senior year, several juniors shared what they think being a senior means and how they feel about being a rising senior.

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