[WHERE’S MY PRIVACY?] Ep. 1: Privacy on Google

Aryun Nemani: Hello everyone and welcome to “Where’s My Privacy?” My name is Aryun Nemani, a freshman at SPA, and I will be walking you through the privacy of your data on Google. Joining me today is Cooper Bollinger Danielson, a freshman at SPA, who is here to tell us about their experience with user privacy on Google. Can you please say your full name?

Cooper Bollinger Danielson: Hello, my name is Cooper Benjamin Bollinger Danielson.

AN: And, what is your grade?
CBD: I am in grade 9.
AN: And how old are you?
CBD: I am currently 15 years old.
AN: Okay, so I’m going to ask you a little bit about internet privacy. Have you ever used Google?
CBD: I have.
AN: How often do you use Google?
CBD: Probably every day, for school.
AN: Every day?
CBD: Yeah.
AN: Do you have any concerns about the privacy of your personal information on google?
CBD: Not really.
AN: You don’t?
CBD: No.
AN: What do you think when you see the cookies function activate on the website you’re currently on?
CBD: I think it’s kind of like, an annoyance, I don’t really pay much mind to it.
AN: Do you know what it means?
CBD: No I don’t. What does it mean?
AN: Well, What if I told you that Google and other popular search browsers use and sell you personal information to make more money.
CBD: I would feel – that’s not good.
AN: In what way?
CBD: Well, I don’t want someone else to sell my information.
AN: And, you told me that you did not know what this meant before I just told you?
CBD: Well obviously I’ve heard about it.
AN: Well yes.
CBD: But I don’t really pay much mind to it I guess.
AN: What do you think could be some solutions to this?
CBD: I guess I don’t know enough about the topic as to why they’re selling the information; who they’re selling it to, but I think there should obviously be some restraints on who or what they’re selling it to because, like that Facebook thing, I think that that should not happen.
AN: Have you ever had any data scares, where you’ve had certain ads follow you around of something you’ve been interested in?
CBD: No I have not. I would consider myself lucky.
AN: Okay because there have been people that have had ads follow them around, I know this one person who was talking about how he wants a lacrosse stick in his house, and then later on Instagram ads for a lacrosse stick popped up so it’s pretty scary.
CBD: It is indeed.
AN: Thank you for joining me, Cooper. Tune into other stories from our podcast series from John Becker, Tommy Verhey, and Thomas Reinhart. From everyone on “Where’s My Privacy,” thank you for tuning in.