[WHAT’S THAT CLUB] Ep. 1: Ready, set, go – diving into Game Club


Anna Nowakowski

What's That Club? is a podcast exploring various student organizations.

Anna Nowakowski: Welcome to What’s That Club? podcast. I’m Anna Nowakowski, and today we will be focusing on the ins and outs of one of SPA’s newest club, the Game Club. 

AN: Every student has been in a place where they need a break from school; throughout the school day between tests and homework, students are constantly worried about school, but the Game Club thinks they have one of the perfect solutions to a break in the busy day. During the Game Club, students get to relax, hang out with friends, and do something really fun that they enjoy. 

Maryeva Gonzalez: I wanted to be involved because it’s a really fun environment and honestly, kind of, with all the stress that comes from like everyday school life, it’s always nice to have a kind of refresher kind of a free time to be able to do stuff that you like with your friends.

Tuco Dixon: And so we wanted to make something more unique. That wasn’t like an option currently, and we wanted to give everyone access to it because it was just a fun way to spend x-periods. 

AN: Game Club is a new club as of the school year of 2019-2020. The Game Club is run by 9th graders Tenzin Bawa, Dylan Tan Stephenson, Mary Eva Gonzalez, Tuco Dixon, and Evan McCarthy. The club features all games of all kinds, such as board games, card games, and video games. 

TD: Yeah, so at Game Club we just play games we play different games that we find interesting. I think the most popular ones right now are Coup and Menace among us.

Tenzin Bawa: So it’s pretty self-explanatory. We play board games now improved card games and some video games. Usually, we try to organize them, so we’ll make a plan for what board games will be playing, and then we’ll play them in the club. 

MG: So most of what we do is playing card games; sometimes we play video games, and there’s also the occasional tournament, which is also fun.

AN: Game Club emphasizes collaboration and teamwork but overall fun. The student leaders work hard to ensure that the Game Club is a good space to play games with friends and just relax. 

TD: Well, personally, I find games relaxing, and you have to find time to relax during school, so I like, I find games as the best outlet for me to relax. And so, we’ve found other people that agree with that, and so that’s just where what our club is out right now; it’s just people who like playing games to relax.