SPA Ultimate radiates chemistry to defeat Washburn

Mimi Geller, Director of RubicOnline

With their backs facing ethereal rays underneath a dusk sun, the SPA Ultimate team demonstrated newfound cohesiveness at their game against Minneapolis Washburn on May 4. The newly formed SPA Ultimate team continued their winning streak against Minneapolis Washburn in another close game. Located on an unfamiliar field at the Eagan Community Center, from the start of the game it was clear the teams were evenly matched.

Although ultimate itself is not new at SPA, this year’s official team, pampered jerseys, and routine practices have been implemented and enforced to ensure the team wins close games like that of May 4. Director of Computer Science and Engineering Kate Lockwood and US History teacher Ryan Oto both serve as head coaches.

“So far the season has been really awesome. I think a lot of us expected to be losing all our games because it’s our first year as an official team, but we’ve actually won a lot. We are all just having a ton of fun. I was intimidated at first because it’s mostly guys, but it’s such a fun environment and a great group of people,” junior Maya Shrestha.

Throughout the game, SPA’s energy never wavered and likewise, Washburn’s enthusiasm remained constant. In a series of well executed passes, beautiful plays and increased cheering from the sidelines, by half time SPA was up 8-4.

By the second half, Washburn clearly increased their intensity. In a series of toss overs, some miscommunication from both teams and fluctuating conditions, Washburn was steadily catching up. As scores were nearing double digits, both SPA and Washburn continually pushed through tough calls and increasingly windy weather.

Both teams played really well and I think it was one of the best games of our season

— sophomore Reuben Vizelman

By the time the score was 14-14, SPA ignited new found energy, effort and resilience to work even harder than the first half. This sentiment was even more apparent when the score was tied at 15-15: the next point would decide the winner. Washburn, in a dazzling attempt to sneak a great pass against SPA to score missed, permitting SPA to have the chance to win, which they did in an eloquent pass to senior Jonny Addicks O’Toole to finish the game with a final score of 16-15.

“The energy was really great. Both teams played really well and I think it was one of the best games of our season. We both played really well and it was a fun and spirited game that went to the very end,” sophomore Reuben Vizelman said.

In an ultimate tradition, at the end of the game, both teams congratulated each other and offered gifts to valuable players.

“We only really have one tradition which is the spirit fruit. After the game, the team gets together and decides people from the other team who embody the spirit of the game. We give them a spirit fruit, last night was fruit snacks,” Vizelman said.

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