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“I call it Portraits of a Lifetime, and it’s all seniors. I thought that I could preemptively go to senior homes and do free portraits of people, because often times that would be the only photograph taken of them in that age. I shot free portraits, a 5x7 print and a digital file that the senior home can send to their families. At the time there would be a big line of people, and I’d just kind of hurry them through, and then I thought ‘I’m missing some gold here, there’s so much wisdom here.’ So I’d ask them some questions and videotape them and combine those words with the photos,” Streble said.

Streble showcases snapshots of strangers’ stories

Kat St. Martin-Norburg, The Rubicon Editor November 15, 2017
Streble's work is on display in the Harry M. Drake gallery through Dec. 15.
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