The Rubicon

Costalonga’s love of language runs deep

Costalonga vacations in Italy with a friend.

Martha Sanchez, RubicOnline

December 6, 2019

Senior Alessandra Costalonga speaks five (soon to be six) languages.

Are we not interacting enough with the exchange students?

SPA students should approach the German student and ask a little bit about them in between classes.

Lucia Granja, RubicOnline

October 3, 2019

Coming from two different countries results in numerous cultural differences that can be exciting to explore.

Two countries, many perspectives: a few words from the exchanges

Spanish Exchange student Carlota Casamayor laughs at her funny experiences in Minnesota.

Tana Ososki, RubicOnline

September 28, 2019

German and Spanish exchange visitors share their favorite memories from their time in Minnesota.

Portables (Ep. 7): Jutta Crowder

Noah Raaum, Videographer

April 17, 2018

The seventh episode in a twelve part series detailing the unique aspects of each teacher's portable classroom.

History exhibit tells the tale of Nazi rebels

A view of some of the panels that make up the exhibit.

Kelby Wittenberg, Chief Visual Editor

November 15, 2017

Temporary Huss Center showcase tells the tale of a Nazi rebellion.