[WORK/LIFE] Kaylee Jackley talks marketing for Twin Cities Ferrari


Submitted by Kaylee Jackley

Two Ferraris showcased at the “Esperienza” event linger in the driveway. The event, arranged by Jackley and her team, was meant to show off the luxurious lifestyle that Ferrari embodies.

Hazel Waltenbaugh, The Rubicon

Kaylee Jackley is the Marketing and Digital Manager for the Twin Cities Performance Ferrari dealership. She works under the Carousel Motor Group, a partnership of dealerships that allows her to also oversee Ferrari, Audi, and Porsche dealerships in the Twin Cities.
Jackley’s role is in charge of managing the marketing for each store, which means coming up with various marketing strategies, managing websites and social media pages, as well as planning various promotional events for the dealerships.
“All three of our brands are very different. Audi is more of a very traditional car dealership, with mass marketing and a strategic plan, whereas my Ferrari dealership is really curated on specialized high-end events for our clients. It’s always something new and different. So it doesn’t feel like I’m working on the same thing all the time, which is exciting for me.” Jackley said.
In “Esperienza,” one of her most recent projects for Ferrari, Jackley and her team worked with a real estate brand to rent a house on Lake Minnetonka in order to showcase the cars to potential buyers.

I have an idea of how something should look and what it should feel like … I have this vision, and when that vision comes to life, I get so happy

— Kaylee Jackley

“We flew in a Michelin star chef from New York to make food samples for people, we brought in an artist and a personalized leather goods tailor to create leather goods, and so we had this true experience for guests to come in and have these experiences all while test driving the cars,” Jackley said.
These events focus heavily on the Ferrari brand by not only showcasing the cars, but by showcasing the lifestyle that comes with owning such a high-end vehicle.
Another project Jackley worked on was creating a cohesive digital footprint for all of their social media platforms.
“I talked to the IT people, and with all of our reps with Facebook and Instagram and Google, and I synchronized everything so everything all across the board was mainstream and all under one umbrella,” Jackley said.
This project required a lot of planning, as well as collaboration as she contacted and worked with photographers, videographers, IT, and the rest of her team to make sure the brand had accurate representation.

In college, Jackley majored in communications and journalism, minoring in business management.
“I always knew I was creative. I like to see my ideas come to life, so that is why I was drawn to advertising. I have an idea of how something should look and what it should feel like … I have this vision, and when that vision comes to life, I get so happy,” Jackley said.

After college, she went to work for a marketing agency, but it wasn’t what she had pictured. Her desires for more creativity and flexibility as well as her interest in being involved in the planning and execution processes lead her to find this position at Ferrari. At the agency, she often felt boxed in and couldn’t always be as creative as she wanted to be, so she decided to make a switch.
“I have a lot of creative freedom, and my VPs completely trust me and respect me to do what I need to do. I get a little bit of everything, which I really like. I get to do process planning, [create] budgets, [and] strategy. But then I also get to do creative work, photoshoots, [and] social media campaigns.”

From high school, Jackley had a general idea of what she wanted to study in college but learned more specifically what she enjoyed and what she excelled at along the way.
“It just all fell into place,” she said.
One of the most important things in her career path was being able to talk to her teachers and those around her about what she was passionate about. By utilizing the resources around her, she was able to create connections and opportunities for herself.
“If there is a company you think is really interesting, [message] people on LinkedIn, [get] coffee, and just [talk] about their careers. I would never be where I am without the mentors that I had,” Jackley said.

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