How to build the perfect snowman


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Hello, welcome to Rubi-Tube [Rubicon YouTube]. I’m Lynn, an opinions editor, and I’m going to show you how to make a snowman.
If you live in Minnesota or any other snow place, you know that there are essentially two types of snow: one that’s good for packing and one that’s more powdery. Obviously, if you want to make the best snowman, then you’re going to want to use packing [snow]. This can be achieved with slightly higher temperatures under 32 [degrees Fahrenheit].
As you know, you’re just gonna want to make three balls: one large, one medium and one small, and just like gather stuff from your house. So [one can use] a scarf, a carrot, or some sort of vegetable for a nose, I found some rocks for eyes.
And obviously, I thought it would be timely to find a mask that fit on my snowman. And, yeah, and a hat and some sticks and some gloves looks very nice.
Honestly, to make the best snowman, you know, it’s very subjective, so just whatever makes you feel super happy, then that is the best snowman.
Obviously, you don’t want your snowman to be lonely, so if you want to make a pet, I made a pet rabbit. It’s quite hard with the precise shape of the ears and the tail and the nose. But if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it.
Thank you!
This was Lynn Reynolds for RubicOnline!
And yeah, leave a comment or post a picture and let us see your snowmen of 2021!
Thank you.