[DANCE MOVES] “Synchronized dancing” with Tik Tok

More and more students are beginning to download Tik Tok and perform the dances present on the app. The dances are becoming more intricate and difficult but students around SPA still find them fun and enjoyable. Juniors Rashmi Raveendran and Aman Rahman danced to a very popular song on Tik Tok called Lottery by K Camp. They performed the dance that is mostly associated with that song. 

“We danced to a recently popular dance on Tik Tok. I like this dance because it seems really hard but once you get the moves down, you feel really accomplished. Because of that I like to do it more often because I’m proud I was able to memorize it. I find myself doing Tik Tok dances and dance moves throughout my day in a more humorous way because they’re fun to learn and perform,” Raveendran said. 

Although some students are familiar with the Tik Tok dances, some have never heard of them before and rely on their friends to teach them the amusing dance moves. Additionally, they learn new songs that they possibly will enjoy through their dancing. Juniors John Becker, Noah Lindeman and Jackson Small danced to Woah by $WAVE.This is a really popular song on Tik Tok that many people have various dances to, but the juniors danced to the most popular dance associated with this song.  

“I actually never danced to this song before today, but Jackson taught Noah and I the dance before we recorded it and it was actually really fun to do. Although we weren’t the best at it, it was still fun to like dance with my friends and learn some cool new moves to a song I’d never heard before,” Becker said.