[OVERTIME] Increase school spirit by being a sports fan

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Attending a sporting event means more than just watching a game. On and off the court or field, there are benefits for both the fans and players when fan attendance rises. Having fans in the stands can change the entire complexity of a game; players feed off enthusiasm, especially when it comes from their friends. As an athlete, this importance is not lost on me.

Fans who do come, even for just a few minutes, do not understand the value just showing up has for a collective team.

For one, it makes athletes more energized to compete. With people in the stands cheering you on, automatically you feel a responsibility to reward them for showing faith in you by giving it everything you’ve got.

Also, it promotes school spirit and unity. By having a school that supports each other, whether it be cross country running or ice hockey, athletes will be more inclined to return the favor to other athletes come time for their game.

Finally, it’s fun. Cheering for your peers and socializing with friends in the bleachers is a great way to make new friends and get out a routine. I’m not saying that this change will happen right away. In fact, it may take more than a season to see a substantial increase in fan attendance, even if heavily promoted.

Having fans in the stands can change the entire complexity of a game.”

— Andrew Johnson

It only takes one person to start changing the culture, and there is no better time than now. So, challenge yourself to come to one game this school year. Even if it isn’t for the whole game, go show support for your classmates. If you need a break from homework, are stuck at school, or just want to watch a game, your attendance does not go unnoticed among athletes. You may find yourself going to a lot more them, because cheering for your friends with fellow fans is awesome.


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