United Lacrosse sparks new friendships and teamwork

One of the hopes of Girls Lacrosse Head Coach Beth Seibel-Hunt is, “that we get to start, I’m ready to start, and I’m eager to continue to improve our playing record.”

There is not much time to get on the field; the snow on the ground has made it difficult to get outside. Instead, the team has been practicing in the Visitation gymnasium.  During one of the practices Seibel-Hunt told the girls, “We have to push ourselves since we are not on the field, put in your best effort.”

 Despite the snowy weather outside, the team is eager to begin with their new players. “We are very strong in the midfield and have an experienced goalie,” said Seibel-Hunt.  This year the Girls JV and Girls Varsity lacrosse teams have about 19 players in total. Five of those players are on Varsity lacrosse, there are four freshmen and one sophomore. “We return with six experienced players and we have nine new players on the team,” said Seibel-Hunt. One of those returning players is freshman Bridget Hoffmann.

Hoffmann started playing lacrosse last year as a “bubble” player, meaning that she would switch from JV to Varsity at anytime. This year there are five varsity girls from SPA playing on the team. Hoffmann has said that playing with the Visitation girls is nice, since she knew some of them from her hockey team.

When asked about the best thing about playing lacrosse she said, “It’s fun being with the team, they’re great to be with and play with.” “Lacrosse is a fun sport and it is really easy to pick up. A lot of the girls that tried out made the team this year.” Bridget Hoffmann’s sister, 7th grader Hayley Hoffmann who was one of the girls that made it to the Varsity team, said.

This is Hayley Hoffmann’s first year playing lacrosse. With all of the other spring sports Hayley had one key purpose: to meet new people and to have a new experience. Hayley has had similar experience playing hockey. Hayley chose to play this sport mainly because it seemed “almost like playing hockey, except not on the ice.” Hayley’s main goals are to improve her game and learn more about the sport.

Seibel-Hunt has been playing lacrosse ever since she was a freshman in high school. The highlight of her career came during her sophomore year in college, when she was a US National Representative for New England in her regional tournaments. As she increased in the ranking teams, she was then invited for tryouts for the US National Team. Seibel-Hunt was among the top 50 players, but was placed in the lower group and was not able to play for the national team. Seibel-Hunt noted that “it was my best year ever.” Not giving up Seibel-Hunt continued to play for clubs and sports teams.

“The best part is sharing your passion with the team, no question,” said Sibel-Hunt.