Thrifters model sustainability with every (secondhand) step


Photo Credits Tana Ososki

Thrift stores have become very popular to shop at. Students go to find unique, antique, fun, and different clothing. Why have they become so popular? One of the main reasons is the idea of recycling and reusing clothing. At SPA and around the world more and more students and young people are becoming aware of the importance of the climate change. Even though thrift shopping is a small step towards the right direction it’s a step nonetheless.

Another appeal is that a lot of students have to buy their own clothes so going for the cheaper option lets them have a little more spending money. Thrifting clothes is also a cheap way to get unique clothing that no one else will be able to find.


Gavin Kimmel

“I love cheap clothes. I think it is a cool way to find clothes that I may not otherwise think of looking at or buying.”

Grace Krasny

“I enjoy thrift shopping because you can get nice high quality clothes for a good price. Also as a teenager I don’t have much spending money, so being able to find a vast variety of clothes for a cheap price is awesome!”

Gracie TK

“Thrift shopping is good for the enviorment because you are reusing clothes that others are done with. It makes me feel a little bit better about over buying clothes. I also just can’t get enough of the cool treasures I can find.”

Thrift shopping has become a popular and accepted way to shop for clothes. The idea of being able to search and find something that nobody else has is exciting. Thrift shopping is a way to reuse, and not waste old clothes. Countless students at SPA thrift as a norm.