Thompson Wing opens, students explore

The school year is boiling down and with a month left the newly renovated Thompson wing is finally been opened. 9th grader Divya Bhargava is sitting in a study room on the second floor with her friend 9th grader Lucie Bond. They are working on their history readings together and occasionally begin small conversations. Right outside teachers are getting settled into their new classrooms and offices, and other students are moving around the space chatting with friends, talking to teachers, and studying.

The reopening of this section of the school is well awaited after being closed from since just after school started until April 26th, and students and teachers have been eager to be able to use these new spaces in a way that wasn’t possible with the temporary classrooms. Now teachers are able to expand their in-class activities like spreading out and working in small groups, and students are able to use the spaces to study and work. Divya said “I come to Thompson during free time as a quiet place to work. I really enjoy the space.” Like Divya, many students are really starting to use the spaces frequently, whether to study or to hang out with friends. After a long time without this space, people are beginning to appreciate this new wing and the time that was spent renovating it.

I come to Thompson during free time as a quiet place to work. I really enjoy the space.”

— Divya Bhargava

Class is about to start so Divya begins to back up her writing utensils, her books, and her binders, and zips up her backpack. Once she is finished packing up she says goodbye to Lucie and leaves her study room and begins down the hall. She walks down the hall towards her next class and is excited to begin her literature class in the new Thompson wing.