Amy Klobuchar — our United States senator — might run for president. I have no way of confirming that she will, but she’s said that her “family is on board” with her running and that she has momentum for a 2020 bid. Klobuchar tweeted earlier this month that a campaign logo involving an aesthetically unpleasant mountain was the work of an over-enthusiastic supporter, but did not deny that there was a campaign the logo was based on. Given this information, it seems pretty obvious that Klobuchar is going to run.

The theory of Klobuchar’s case is simple: she’s a down-home, Midwestern senator who’s insanely popular in her own state (the only 2 senators more popular are Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, who serve small, incredibly blue states). She was a prosecutor, which means she’ll be able to deal with President Trump’s corruption issues on the campaign trail. The most compelling argument for Klobuchar, though, is that she’d be able to carry the midwest (WI, MI, PA) — and the election. FiveThirtyEight the data journalism site that gave President Trump the biggest chance of winning of most publications, and that accurately predicted the 2018 elections — consistently picks Klobuchar in its top tier of candidates that could win the 2020 nomination. Their rationalization is that Klobuchar consistently outperforms expectations (outperforming Minnesota’s partisan lean by 22 percentage points in 2018), and that could be true in a presidential race.

The most compelling argument for Klobuchar, though, is that she’d be able to carry the midwest”

Klobuchar’s policy also makes her one of the ideal 2020 candidates. She’s strong on democracy, voting yes to give D.C. a house seat and voting no on restrictive voter ID laws. She has moderate economic stances, promoting small businesses while voting on restrictions for big business. There’s one policy concern I have, though. Klobuchar has consistently shown herself to be anti-trade. She voted against CAFTA, which was passed but is currently not in effect, and it would allow for greater economic integration in the Americas. She also voted against fast-tracking the TPP, which would have created an economic bloc that’s able to pressure China. As much as I care about free trade, I would still advocate for Klobuchar, because she can fight for the midwest as President and would be able to deliver Trump a swift defeat come 2020.