Summit Singers wake up early for rehearsals

Students file into a morning Summit Singer rehearsal and begin to take their place by section: alto, first soprano, or second soprano.

As 7 a.m.rolls around many St. Paul Academy and Summit School students are just beginning to depart from their homes or prepare for school, but for the members of Summit Singers, 7 a.m. marks the beginning of rehearsal.

With the multitude of cold days, heavy snowfall, and icy roads that have accompanied this winter, the Summit Singers have faced multiple cancellations putting them behind in the rehearsal schedule. The early starts make it difficult for many students to arrive on time. Nonetheless SPA’s largest choir is able to make the most of their limited time and be efficient during rehearsal, allowing them to cover as much material as the Academy Choral. “It’s hard to wake up early, and it’s really hard to listen and sing in different languages. [Overall] it’s really fun but sometimes challenging,” sophomore Lauren Woessner said.