Student activist spreads word about upcoming climate strike


Lucia Granja

Student activist Adri Arquin stresses the importance of student protest in the climate crisis.

This Monday during club meetings, PEP hosted student activist Adri Arquin to give a presentation about the student climate strike planned for Friday, Dec 2. The strike is organized by MN Youth Climate Strike, a student run organization that has organized a number of climate strikes, including the climate strike on Sept 20 that gathered nearly 8,000 strikers outside of the State Capitol. 

It’s really important that students show up and protest so that the message is very clear to law-makers,”

— student activist Adri Arquin

Arquin spoke about two aspects of the strike taking place this Friday: the main strike on the State Capitol at 3 pm organized by MN Youth Climate Strike and another protest earlier in the day organized by the Twin Cities charter of MN Youth Climate Strike. For the earlier protest, strikers will gather at 12 pm at Central Library in Downtown Minneapolis and from there “target company offices and demand that they take action to stop the climate crisis,” according to the Twin Cities Youth Climate Strike’s Instagram. The strikers will then take the light rail to the State Capitol to make it to the 3 pm strike. The 3 pm strike will take place inside the Capitol Building and will differ slightly from the Sept 20 strike with a teach-in on the topic of the climate crisis. 

Arquin stressed the purpose of having two climate strike events this Friday, “It’s really important that students show up and protest so that the message is very clear to law-makers, […] having two different times that students can protest during the day makes it more accessible so that people can show up for at least one,” he said. 

A climate strike in Minnesota during December brings up the question of weather. Luckily, the majority of the strike will be inside. The 3 pm strike will take place inside of the Capitol Building, and the 12 pm strike will meet outside of Central Library but will move inside throughout downtown buildings according to Arquin. However, strikers will be spending some time outside, busing and moving from place to place, so Arquin urges strikers to be prepared for the weather.

“Please bring warm clothes,” he said.

More information about the strike can be found on MN Youth Climate Strike’s Instagram account: @mnclimatestrike.