SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Music energizes Spartan boys hockey on the ice

Wide range of genres shows strong connection to music


Fair Use Image: Spotify

View the playlist in its entirety on Spotify @TheRubiconSPA.

From the soothing sound of “Let Her Go” by Passenger to the aggressive beat of “First Day Out” by Tee Grizzley, the boys hockey team combines varying genres to form a unique relationship with music. Instead of using music for the pure enjoyment of the particular artist or rhythm, the team uses music as a motivational tactic to ensure the team gives it their all every period. In turn, music brings the players closer together on the ice.

“Music helps motivate our team to give our best effort each period, and to bring us together as a team,” junior captain Adam Zukowski said.

View the playlist in its entirety on Spotify @theRubiconSPA.