SPA’s got style: introducing street style from the school hallways

Senior Meley Akpa sports her summery outfit while the sunny weather still permits it.

Mari Knudson

Senior Meley Akpa sports her summery outfit while the sunny weather still permits it.

Over the last decade or so, street style, which captures the fashion of everyday people on the streets of major urban centers, has blown up as a fashion photography movement. Currently, major trends can be started not only on the runways of high fashion, but on city streets, by normal, stylish people.

Most street style photography is taken in cities like Paris, Milan, New York City, London, and other notoriously fashionable, heavily populated areas. These cities produce great photography, yes, but wouldn’t it be great to see the wonderful outfits of close friends and peers against the backdrop of the familiar St. Paul Academy and Summit School?

This rationale inspired the creation of a new weekly RubicOnline piece, aiming to capture the street style of SPA’s own students. Check in each Saturday to see fashion galleries, as well as local fashion news, seasonal trend updates, and other related content.

Currently, students are still wearing summery clothes, as modeled on senior Meley Apka, trying to exploit the last few possible days to wear light layers and shorter hemlines. Based on what has been on the runway as well as on street style stars, the hottest upcoming fall trends include reconstructed demin, velvet, 90’s inspired style, fall florals, pantsuits, and bell sleeves, as well as the continuation of the choker and off the shoulder movements. Expect to see students wearing some of these trends, as well as incorporating some of their own, unique personal style.

Depending on their personality and preferences, some people tend towards wearing trends and the latest in style clothes while others stick to an individual style they’ve been wearing for years. Both are lovely to capture, and anticipate seeing a mix of both types of people in upcoming galleries, as well as everything in between.