[REVIEW] Diet Coke’s redesign offers purely esthetic taste

Everyone knows Diet Coke. It’s a classic soft drink that is sold at almost every restaurant and grocery store in the U.S.  (Unless, of course, said restaurant serves noted Coca-Cola rival, Pepsi products). According to Beverage Digest, Diet Coke is the second most popular soda, with classic Coke in the lead. However, while there are people who are loyal Diet Coke drinkers, the soda has had trouble reaching younger generations.

Coca-Cola has recently taken a new step as an effort to reach out to younger generations. In early 2018, Coca-Cola revealed the four new flavors of Diet Coke. These flavors come in slim bottles, with an attractive stripe of color down the side. The flavors are Zesty Blood Orange, Feisty Cherry, Twisted Mango, and Ginger Lime. While these flavors seem fun, are they going to attract new Diet Coke lovers?

The aesthetic of the new Diet Coke cans is incredibly pleasing. The colors grab shopper’s attention and make them curious. They also lead to some beautiful Instagram pictures, which is evidence of the appeal to Millenials. It has a spring/summer aura about it, which is always welcome during a long Minnesota winter. While the look seems to do the trick, the taste is what will keep people coming back (or not).

Zesty Blood Orange: The scent of the soda is tropical and exciting, and makes the consumer excited and curious about this new flavor. However, the orange flavor is incredibly subtle. There is a bit of an orangey aftertaste, and a slight tangy taste, but it tastes incredibly similar to a regular Diet Coke. While the taste of the new Diet Coke is not bad, the whole objective of these new flavors is to be new and refreshing Zesty Blood Orange is not doing the job.

Feisty Cherry: Coca-Cola is no stranger to cherry. There is already a Cherry Coke, and a Cherry Diet Coke. Therefore, this new flavor is anything but new. If young people were craving a Cherry Coke, they could’ve bought one from their local gas station before. While the flavor is nowhere near bad, it’s also not new, which is what one expects from this whole rebranding.

Ginger Lime: To put it lightly, this flavor is disappointing. From the first sip, it’s like accidently picking up a regular Diet Coke rather than a Ginger Lime. If one truly strains their taste buds, they might be able to pick up a hint of ginger, but even one taste is a bit of a stretch. The idea of this flavor combination was appealing, as many people already order their Diet Coke with a lime on the rim. Unfortunately, the soda did not reach its potential.

Twisted Mango: Twisted Mango is easily the best of the new flavors. The refreshing taste of mango, combines with the familiar taste of Diet Coke, create a tropical taste. It could be enjoyed while sitting on a beach, or while hibernating inside during a particularly cold day when one needs to be transported to a warm tropical getaway.

The new flavors are worth a try, but overall, they have not done their job of delivering a crisp, new taste to consumers.

Rating: 1/5 ⭐