QUIZ: What’s your fall drink?

As summer has finally come to a close and autumn has begun, everyone can partake in their favorite fall traditions, including sipping on their favorite seasonal drink. While classics like the Pumpkin Spice Latte are celebrated every fall, there are numerous other warm drinks to enjoy during this season of change.

Some definitions:

Pumpkin Spice: The spice was originally used in Pumpkin Pie recipes, but in recent years, has become the quintessential fall drink for millennials. A classic and classy fall drink.

Chai: A filling and creamy spiced tea made by brewing black tea. Enjoy Chai as the final summer sun fades away and the refreshing autumn breeze welcomes leisurely strolls under canopies of transforming leaves.

Hot Chocolate: Just like the name suggests, hot chocolate is a drink with cocoa powder, hot milk or water, and typically a sweetener. For those who love everything warm and toasty about the upcoming winter months.

Hot Apple Cider: Apple cider is a warm drink that contains cinnamon and apple juice or cider. The crisp, acidic apple flavor mirrors the crisp winds of fall outside and is best enjoyed after a fun day at the apple orchard.

Now take the quiz: