Priede finds escapism and connection through her art

Covid-19 has caused all of us to shelter in place for the time being. For sophomore Lulu Priede, the best way to supplement her entertainment with all this free time is to paint. Priede had always had a passion for painting but it has had a strong comeback in these last few weeks. She has devoted her free time to painting for her friends and family, and wishes she would’ve started sooner.
“It’s super calming for me. So, when I’m stressed about stuff… I can take my mind off of it, and it just kind of distracts me… it… kind of calms me down and makes me happy,” Priede said.
Priede has been around art and artists for her whole life and she feels this is where the passion for her art comes from. Her father is an artist himself she suspects he got this gene passed down from his mother, who also enjoys painting and other forms of art. Priede’s grandmother gave her a new set of acrylics to use during quarantine to create her paintings

“My household is really artistic, especially on my dad’s [side], because he’s an artist… he makes jewelry… and he actually paints a lot, too,” she said. “I’ve always been more into drawing and sketching, but I decided to kind of try some stuff out with paint,” she said.
Priede worked at a local Minneapolis restaurant during the year, but because of the pandemic she hasn’t been able to make money. In hopes of making a little extra cash, Priede started by painting a portrait of her cousin. She didn’t expect to be getting calls from other friends and family, but now has a waiting list of customers.

It’s super calming for me… kind of calms me down and makes me happy.”

— sophomore Lulu Priede

“ I made it for my cousin for like 10 bucks, and then I was like ‘wait it’s kind of fun,’ and she posted it on her Instagram and then a bunch more [people]asked me. I just started doing a bunch of them, and I’ve done like 15 paintings I think, at least, over this break,” she said. “The fact that it just makes me happy makes me want to paint more and more people.”
If you are interested in a portrait you can contact Priede via her Instagram @lulupriede.