Picture retakes offer a second chance to smile


Martha Sanchez

Junior Noah Lineman poses for his picture retake. “They [the photographers] are always telling you to move you head in weird ways,” he said.

While loved by family members, some students don’t feel the same way about picture day. Picture day happened at the beginning of the school year, but students who were not satisfied with their annual photos had the option for a retake last Friday. 

Picture retake day is an opportunity for students to replace their original school photo with a better one. Retakes were held in the small gym throughout the day last Friday. Junior Noah Lindeman decided to take advantage of the opportunity. 

“I decided that I didn’t like my first picture because of my facial expression,” Lindeman said. “I decided that I could do better so I got a retake.”

But there is more to Lindeman’s choice. 

“I think my expression was bad because I am always stressed out by the way the photographers make you stand. They are always telling you to move your head in weird ways,” he said. 

I decided that I could do better so I got a retake.

— Noah Lindeman

Lindeman’s mention of head movements refers to the sometimes comical interactions that can occur between photographers and students. Many students are taken aback by the positions they are asked to stand in. Sometimes, their school photos reflect this stress. 

While Lindeman was concerned with the pose he was asked to make, senior Pia Schultz retook her picture for a different reason. 

“I thought I looked super young in my first picture,” Schultz said. “My mom loved it, but I think that’s just because she misses when I used to be so cute.”

Even with retakes, some students are not entirely satisfied with their photo results. 

“…I got my picture retaken,” Schultz said, “I look better, but still like I am in second grade.”

The annual picture day falls during advisor/family conferences at the end of August. Retakes are offered about a month later for those that missed the day or want a new option.