[NEWS IN BRIEF] Advisories earn treats in costume guessing challenge

October 31. A day known for tricks, treats, and… faculty costumes. In the second annual faculty costume challenge, teachers and administrators dressed up in “before and after” costumes with two people mashed up in one costume. Advisories were given a sheet with teacher participant names and locations at the start of the day, and the forms were due by 3 p.m. Nov. 1.

Students had to guess both of the characters and/or items of the costume to include it on their form. Examples ranged from science teacher Mallory Schmidt’s “Sponge Bob Marley” to Spanish teacher Christine Pinero’s John Snow White.

Theater Director Eric Severson organized the faculty event and offered home-baked treats to the advisory with the highest score.

3rd place with 28 correct answers: the Irish Advisory
2nd place with 33 correct answers: the Schmidt Advisory
1st place with 34 correct answers: the Stading Advisory

Because there was only one point separating  irst and second place, both Stading and Schmidt advisories will receive treats during regular advisory time this week on Wednesday.