MY GEEK FACTOR: Reynolds curates playlists from Spotify


Submitted Photo: Lynn Reynolds

Reynolds' view from the LANY concert at House of Blues Chicago on Oct. 20, 2017. LANY is one of Reynolds' frequently listened to artists on Spotify.

If there were a soundtrack for her life, 9th grader Lynn Reynolds would make sure the playlist came from Spotify. Listening to music on the radio can become bland after a while when the hosts play the same songs on repeat, which is why Reynolds sticks to listening to the music streaming platform Spotify. Reynolds begins her search for better music by listening to the frequently updated playlists “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar“, both generated by Spotify based on the number of streams the song has received that week. Reynolds then adds the songs she likes to a personal playlists and lets Spotify find more music based on the songs she added.

My friends and I have relatively the same music taste, so when I find a song that I really like I share it with them.”

— Lynn Reynolds

“After I add songs to my own playlist, I go to the category at the bottom of the playlist that Spotify makes with similar music,” Reynolds said.

Finding new music and sharing it with friends and family has always been something Reynolds enjoys doing after hearing a good song.

“My friends and I have relatively the same music taste, so when I find a song that I really like I share it with them. My brother and I also have similar taste when it comes to music, so we share stuff with each other,” Reynolds said.

Along with listening to music with friends, Reynolds listens to her favorite music using different devices like her computer, phone, record player and speakers.

“I love listening to music in my room, because I have big speakers in there,” Reynolds said.

Nothing beats listening to great music live which is why Reynolds buys tickets to her favorite musicians.

“My favorite artist is Frank Ocean, but I have never seen him live. I have seen other people in concert though, including Troye Sivan, LANY, and Lorde,” Reynolds said.

From a live concert to a private concert contained between her earbuds, Reynolds takes control of her music listening experience to keep her life upbeat.