Junior chemistry projects inspire creativity

A few weeks ago, members of the Junior Class who take Chemistry began their Chemistry Projects, an annual assignment that lets juniors take what they have learned throughout the year and apply it into a chemistry project of their choice. It is the only point in the year in which students can be creative and decide what they will study. Projects are due next week and students are currently in the process of finishing lab work and beginning their lab write-ups. Projects cover a vast array of topics, but all began with the goal of fixing a problem.

“I am trying to figure out alternative ways to melt ice that don’t hurt the environment as much as current dicers. We’re testing the freezing points of four different chemicals to determine an alternate method,” junior Celeste Parke-Reimer said.

Another project focuses on a possible danger.

“My partner and I are making fire retardant paint. I think it’s an important project because house fires are the second leading cause of death in the United States,” junior Tom Kuriscak said.

Juniors will complete their chemistry projects with a formal lab write up, which is a significant part of their quarter grade.