Iris hosts open mic night to spread love of art and literature


Iris is hosting an open mic night on Oct. 26 at 5 p.m with hopes to spread their love of art and literature throughout the community. Iris is a new club as of this year, and this is the first time an open mic will be held on campus.

“I picture it being a relaxed, supportive and creative environment for people to share their art,” co-President A.M Roberts said.

“Ideally, a small group of artists and writers will gather to share their work in an intimate and supportive environment,” adviser Matthew Hoven said.

An open mic is an event where students are welcome to present their artwork on stage, whether it is poetry, music or creative writing. It will be held just outside the Drake gallery in the first floor Summit Center lobby. As the date draws closer, Iris is putting up posters around the school encouraging people to participate. The planning process has brought a lot of people together to achieve one common goal: To share their opinions creatively.

“It has been somewhat difficult to weave the multiple threads of art, literature, music, and administration into a coherent whole, but it has been enjoyable, nonetheless, because no matter how it turns out– it is a first step toward creating more livable spaces for art and literature on the campus,” adviser Matthew Hoven said.

The event will be a chance for students to appreciate their peers accomplishments, as well as admire their courage to share their art in front of a group.

Open mics take a while to establish their presence on a campus, they need to happen regularly in order to maintain a rhythm for creativity and performance”

— Matthew Hoven

“I’m hoping it will inspire people to share what they’ve created and what they’re passionate about,” co-President A.M Roberts said.

The open mic night will bring people together by encouraging collaboration between writers and artists, as well as provide an unique opportunity the student body to share their artwork in a school setting.

“It’s more accessible to students. Outside of school, there is less opportunity to participate in an event like this,” senior Leah Hughes said.

Iris is hoping their first step will pave the way to shaping a community where art and literature are habitual on the SPA campus.

“Open mics take a while to establish their presence on a campus, they need to happen regularly in order to maintain a rhythm for creativity and performance, yet they need to respond to community desires and needs,” adviser Matthew Hoven said.

“The ultimate goal for the open mic is for both the participants and audience to feel inspired and hear some different perspectives and ideas,” co-President A.M Roberts said.