Game Club hosts Super Smash Bros tournament

Founded in 2019, the Game Club has offered students the opportunity to play games at school, and have some fun. It is a great place for students to improve their skills while hanging out with friends.

Game Club meets weekly during x-period’s club time. Club president Maryeva Gonzalez said, “At every meeting, we bring board, card, or video games to set up, and people come in and choose a game to play.” The plethora of games and choices lets everyone have fun and engage in something that interests them at the meetings.

These past two Mondays during x-period in the programming room, Game Club hosted their second tournament this year. Gonzalez said, “It was our second tournament this year after our Fireboy and Watergirl tournament in the fall.” The success of the first tournament inspired the club to host a second tournament, and they hope to continue planning community events next year.

This tournament was a 2v2 single-elimination tournament in the game Super Smash Bros”

— Maryeva Gonzalez

“Honestly, my favorite part was just that they set the tournament up, it was nice to be able to play with people I wouldn’t normally get to play with,” said senior Kai Sih. For many of the players this was their first tournament, so it was a good experience for everyone to get to compete.

Gonzalez went on to say, “This tournament was a 2v2 single-elimination tournament in the game Super Smash Bros.” The Nintendo fighting game, with the objective of knocking your opponents off the stage. After two hard fought x-periods of non-stop gaming, seniors Kevin Chen and Kai Sih emerged victorious. Through their hard work and collaboration, they managed to defeat all other competitors. “Not everyone played in the tournament, but there were some really good rounds and players,” Sih said.

Game Club meets May 3., during x-period. While this was the last tournament of the year, students can look forward to participating in friendly competition again next fall.