[FOOD REVIEW] Classic pastries at Salty Tart taste like home

In the midst of the hustle and bustle that is the Midtown Global Market, one will find Salty Tart nestled in a comfortable corner filled with sweet treats. The bakery has been around for nearly a decade, however, this past summer it found a new home at the Midtown Global Market in South Minneapolis. With this switch, Salty Tart outgrew their original 400 square-foot kitchen to a 4,000 square-foot kitchen.

With the ethnic smells and culture that punctuates the Midtown Global Market, Salty Tart, at first glance, seems out of place. The bakery sits across a Hmong merchandise seller. These contradictions of its location, however, do not distract from the delicious baked goods Salty Tart offers. The tables are small and the space all around is somewhat tight, but the food stands alone as excellent.

The bakery itself smells and tastes like a kitchen at a house, not one in the middle of a diverse food market”

The items on the menu are affordable, fresh and unique. Most of the food is under $20, and this is if one wishes to purchase a whole package of macaroons, for example. The price for one item is under $10. Baked goods range from home-made baguettes to a pastry cream-filled brioche. The food tastes natural and provokes a kind of nostalgia for the consumer. The bakery itself smells and tastes like a kitchen at a house, not one in the middle of a diverse food market.

The mastermind behind Salty Tart, Michelle Gayer, is a highly acclaimed pastry chef who lives in the Twin Cities. Gayer has been nominated for numerous awards such as the James Beard “Outstanding Pastry Chef” nomination. Salty Tart reflects her individualistic and creative baked creations. She is skilled in both the baking of sweet and savory treats such as golden rosemary corn cakes and coconut macaroons. With an emphasis on providing pastries that are made fresh, Gayer additionally uses seasonal fruits and flavors.

Salty Tart has been around at the Midtown Market since this past summer. This is the only location until Dec. 1. On Dec. 1 there will be a Salty Tart located in St. Paul. Students at St. Paul Academy should choose to eat and enjoy Salty Tart as it will bring delightful pastries with a fair price.



4 out of 5 stars