Dev opens tutoring club to provide academic resource


Melissa Nie

Senior Rahul Dev founded Agoge Tutoring to engage his classmates through homework assistance. "I’ve always loved helping peers with homework, and I think it’s really useful to have a student as a resource," said Dev.

Studying with peers is an excellent way to understand the material covered in a class. Senior Rahul Dev wants to make it easier for students to get help from their classmates.

“I wanted a way for students to be connected,” Dev said.

Dev is starting a tutoring club, Agoge Tutoring, that allows students to answer questions they may have on their homework.

“I’ve had times where I’ve wanted help from someone who had taken the class and knew how to help me from a student perspective,” Dev said. 

As someone who enjoys helping peers with homework, Dev hopes to create a reliable support system for students.

“My main goal was to give students an opportunity if they wanted an academic resource they could always go to if they have questions,” he said.

I wanted a way for students to be connected.”

— Rahul Dev

Since clubs are now encouraged to provide service opportunities for students, Dev is working towards making tutoring a form of community service. That said, potential tutors still need to apply for the position.

The club will include group tutoring on Wednesday mornings before school in groups of about five students and one-on-one tutoring on Friday tutorials.

“It’ll allow people to work in different environments,” Dev said.

Agoge Tutoring hopes to open within the next two weeks. In the meantime, becoming a tutor is available for sophomores through seniors, and an email with a form was sent out for students to choose which classes they want to sign up for.