As we move back to distance, stay connected. Join a club.


Submitted Screenshot: Start Up

Start Up club members take a minute to Brady Bunch their virtual club meeting. Clubs are an opportunity to connect across interests and have fun with peers, even in distance learning.

With the onset of COVID-19, clubs and affinity groups, a major part of Upper School life, have had to switch to an online format. In order to accommodate both students learning in-person and online, club and affinity group leaders have successfully adjusted to the current situation.

Student group leaders have made sure to hold meetings during times when any students can join. Although the online format has made it difficult to organize the same activities as in previous years, they have been finding ways for members to connect with each other. Student-led groups are especially important to the students in the Upper School now, as interacting with peers is so much more difficult, and club and affinity group leaders have done a good job of managing the schedule and activities.

Although some might argue that clubs and affinity groups have become harder to communicate in and less enjoyable since going online, there are no other options that would allow all students to participate. If meetings were consistently in-person, it would be much harder for online students.