[ARTS BRIEF] Cast announced for fall play


Two days. Forty Students. One show. The Madwoman of Chaillot will take the Huss Stage Nov. 22-23. US Theater director Eric Severson wrote, “I am always in awe of the talent our students possess and am so thankful they are willing to share it with the theatre program.  If what’s happening in my head actually materializes on stage, this show will have acting, singing, music, gymnastics, stylized movement, juggling, acrobatics, sign language and more.”

Cast List

Countess Aurelia, The Madwoman of ChaillotAnanya Narayan

Madame Constance, The Madwoman of PassyGracie Tilney-Kaemmer

Mademoiselle Gabrielle, The Madwoman of St. SulpiceAnnika Findlay

Madame Josephine, The Madwoman of La ConcordeTina Wilkens

The ProspectorNathan Forsberg

The PresidentJayden Jones

The BaronessAdrienne Gaylord

The BrokerMargot Bergner

The RagpickerMaren Ostrem            

The Deaf-MuteGrace Krasny

PierreRylan Hefner

IrmaIsobel Alm

The WaitressNaomi Wilson

The DoormanSam Zelazo

Dr. Jadin – Griffin Moore

The SergeantAnja Trierweiler

The PolicemanPer Johnson

The Street SingerEllie Murphy

The JugglerAnnika Brelsford

The Flower GirlVal Chafee

The Street Musicians    – Zoey Burkhardt, Tyler Christensen, Rebecca Ebert, Graciela Whitaker Castaneda

The Shoelace PeddlerSevy Hayes

Therese (The Little Woman)Caroline Menard

Paulette (The Scarf Seller)Maura Hartfeldt

The Sewer-ManSoren Miller

The Presidents

  • 1st President Clea Gaitas
  • 2nd President Max Spencer
  • 3rd President Mimi Huelster

The Prospectors

  • 1st Prospector Maya Sachs
  • 2nd Prospector Evie Sampsell-Jones
  • 3rd Prospector Rachel Swenson


The Press Agents

  • 1st Press AgentQuenby Wilson
  • 2nd Press AgentRuby Fields
  • 3rd Press AgentValerie Wick


The Socialite Ladies

  • 1st LadyRaina Fawcett
  • 2nd LadyMaggie Fried
  • 3rd LadyParisa Ghavami