[MUSIC REVIEW] Gunna and Lil Baby dominate October music with Drip Harder


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The Georgia born duo's album has broken out on Billboard's Top 200 chart at number 4, while also debuting on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.

The year is 2018. 2020 stands just two years from now, meaning the last couple years of the 2010’s rap is coming to an end. This is both a positive and negative movement, as the experienced rappers such as J-Cole and Kendrick Lamar are beginning to slow their production down. The positive is that young talented rappers such as Lil Baby, 23 years old, and Gunna, 25 years old, are making huge strides in the hip-hop rap industry. The new wave of rap unquestionably has its low points, but these two Atlanta born rappers have combined to form an album, Drip Harder, that has definitely reached temperatures over 750 degrees Fahrenheit, because it is straight fire.

The first track off the album named “Off White VLONE” features two more young rappers in Lil Durk and NAV. NAV meets all the requirements to be a part of the song, restoring near unbeatable chemistry with Gunna after they both appeared on Travi$ Scott’s summer hit, “Yosemite.” The one who is seemingly less prepared for this occasion is Lil Durk. Gunna, Baby, and NAV all come together on this song with fluid chemistry adding some high level quality, but Lil Durk simply cannot keep up with the quality of the other rappers. Overall, “Off White VLONE” is a good song turned average by the addition of poor artistry from Lil Durk.

Next up comes the first example of the ultimate chemistry between Gunna and Lil Baby, “Business is Business.” Brilliant wordplay from both rappers, high level production from the album’s trio of producers, and overall superb flow, “Business is Business” serves as an early testament to the quality of the album. Highlighting the skill sets of all involved, this song takes its place with the other top tiers on the album.

Another example of the duo’s ability together is the third song off the album, “Belly.” Although this song has its faults with harsh production and a slightly slower than needed pace, Gunna and Lil Baby both utilize their unique voices and creativity to each form their immense verses. In essence, this song is solely saved by the lyricism and ability of both Gunna and Baby.

Each of the two artists have two solo songs on the album. While Gunna does himself well on both of his songs, “World is Yours” and “Style Stealer,” they simply just don’t compare to the talent of Lil Baby.

Baby starts his solo on the fourth track of the album with, “Deep End.” Showing much more emotional complexity than the initial songs of the album, the production is also extremely impressive. Baby speaks of his quick rise in 2018 and his fear of popularity. For his second solo song, Baby dishes out an absolute heart jerker in “Close Friends.” Tapping into the deepest lyrics on the entire album, Baby shows that he’s not just a glamour and hype rapper. Rather, he displays immense talent with his free flowing vocals that go between quality rap and a variety of vocals.

The middle of the album serves two purposes, to make a big jump out of the introductory songs of the album and to prepare for the more wearing and deep songs of the third act. This is done fairly well, with questionably a top three song of the album in “I Am.” Just another example of meaningful lyrics, great rapping off of each other, and overachieving production, “I Am” serves as the high point of the middle. While both “Seals Pills” and “Underdog” are good songs, they won’t stick like the other more popular songs.

One surprise from the album is “Never Recover” and not for its quality. This song is putting one of if not the most globally popular rappers in Drake with two up and coming young stars. Sounds great right? It isn’t. Drake puts a lot into his verse, quickly taking over the song. Instead of the younger two rappers trying to match his level, they happily accept the backseat role. This is the problem. So while there is quality there, this song had so much more to give than what was put out there.

Finally, best for last. “Drip Too Hard” is the song of the album. Even if it isn’t the highest quality of music, it serves as the base of Gunna and Lil Baby’s relationship. This free flowing, intense rap that easily just tantalizes the listener is what both of these rappers built their career off of. No song, except for their earlier “Life Goes On” with Lil Uzi Vert, that they have collabed on can compare to the sheer transcendence into stardom as “Drip Too Hard.”

All in all, the fact that one of these rappers released their first album just this year, Lil Baby, and the other started making music in 2016, Gunna, and now makes music that’s debuting top 5 for Billboard’s Top 200 Chart is impressive in itself. The more impressive part is that they both display immense talent that can only push them further to the top. For now, Lil Baby and Gunna can keep dripping too hard on their way to the top.

Final Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 Stars

NOTE: This album has an explicit language warning