Zelle to speak at Commencement

Members of the graduating class of 2013 soon leave their homes to re-settle on college campuses.Some will travel for the last time in a long time down the familiar highways and county roads of Minnesota toward whatever life has them to offer. Building those roads will be Charlie Zelle, the newly appointed commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and this year’s commencement speaker.

Zelle, ‘73, is an alumnus of St. Paul Academy and Summit School. He earned his undergraduate degree at Bates College, and his master’s degree from Yale. Zelle’s background in transportation comes from his experience in his family’s business, the Jefferson Bus Line. Zelle advocated extending service to rural areas, and modernized the bus fleet. Mark Dayton appointed Zelle commissioner in 2012, after Zelle worked on the governor’s Transportation Finance Advisory Committee.

Weather permitting, Zelle will deliver his address at graduation June 9 on the front lawn of the Randolph campus.