Jobs prepare students for the real world

Jobs prepare students for the real world

Has anyone ever told you to get a job as a teenager? Did you ever consider it? It was reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in July 2023 that 55% of young people aged 16 to 24 were employed.

In July of 2022, the Labor Department reported that unemployment has been at a 50-year low. With that in mind, the rise in part-time, minimum-wage jobs that require little to no prior experience, perfect for teenagers, has become widely available.

It’s not uncommon for upper schoolers to fill their time with activities suited for their college applications. While extracurriculars may help with getting into a university, it does not provide students with adequate life skills such as the independence and responsibility college administrators may be looking for, according to the College Board.

Worrying about changing shifts, finding coverage, and arriving early enough to clock in and out is not a concern for students during school. However, afterward, students must find different ways to occupy their time. Discovering how to balance multiple commitments such as school work, sports, a job, and more is an essential life skill. Most adults do not get pre-made schedules, so learning how to prioritize certain activities while still upholding any prior commitments is vital for future work-life balance.

Discovering how to balance multiple commitments such as school work, sports, a job, and more is an essential life skill.

Another important life skill that can be learned while working, is the importance of a dollar. Jobs come with income, and that leads to the important lifelong skill of money management. Focusing on savings from a young age reinforces the financial responsibility needed in adulthood. When one uses their own money, they begin to discover financial value. Understanding how quickly hard-earned money can be spent helps students budget their earnings.

Seasonal employment means a lot of places are looking for employees just as winter break nears the corner. Consider completing an application and adding a short-term, part-time job during this time.

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