Upper School Students begin course registration

Though it is only the fourth quarter of this school year, St. Paul Academy and Summit School students are beginning to explore course options for the 2013-2014 school year. The course request form was introduced in class meetings the first day after Spring Break, a wakeup call for many students that the year is almost over. When handed the large, colorful packet, it is easy for a student to get overwhelmed. This paper holds the key to their high school curriculum next year.

Deciding on classes might seem boring, but SPA gives students many exciting course options. The older a student gets, more classes are available for them to choose. Underclassmen can decide which language and fine arts courses they wish to take. During junior year, students can choose from many English electives for both the first and second semester. Senior year gives students the most control over their schedule, with different electives in Science, English, History and Math. “It is nice that we have more options to choose from rather than we had when we had a few [the past years],” junior Sophie Pressman said.

With so many unique classes to choose from, many students have a hard time deciding which one they would like to be in the most.. “For some of the courses there are a lot of classes that interest me,” Pressman said. Students rank their choices from one to four in preference, though it is not guaranteed a student will be placed in their first choice class.

Though some students are weary of the extended block classes next year, Pressman looks forward to the new schedule. “The block schedule gives you more opportunities to pick more electives,” Pressman said. Pressman, who is in Painting class, is fortunate she will be able to continue the class next year. “I wouldn’t have [taken the class] if I didn’t have the time, but with the block schedule I will be able to take it,” she said.

Students will have meetings with their parents, advisors and college counselors to discuss their classes for next years. Course forms are due April 3.

This article has been revised on April 5, to reflect the following update: Sophie Pressman is a junior instead of a senior.