Students Against Destructive Decisions aims to expand audience


Sophomore SADD members Aliza Rahman and Julia Lagos sit at the sophomore benches.

St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s Students Against Destructive Decisions student group began this school year by welcoming the new freshman members. High school brings many new experiences and the group hopes to inform all students about potential risks and dangers of alcohol and other destructive behaviors. As many look forward to school events such as the Homecoming dance and the Halloween dance, SADD works to educate students about the consequences of destructive decisions, including drinking while driving and distracted driving. “Whenever there is a dance coming up,we always make a ton of posters to let everyone know to stay safe and to make good decisions,” Sophomore SADD member Aliza Rahman said. SADD is obtaining different statistics in Minnesota, including numbers on how many teenagers are killed in drunk driving and distracted driving accidents. Rahman said that the group plans on having a speaker later in the year along with the annual SADD week.