Student Political Union hopes to attract new members, promote political awareness

As Election Day draws near, many Saint Paul Academy and Summit School students have begun to take interest in the presidential race. Every Thursday the Student Political Union offers a place where students can discuss everything related to politics. Junior Nick Cohen and senior Hagop Toghramadjian are the co-presidents for the popular student group. Cohen urged that even if a student has never thought much about politics they should give it a try. Even though he originally came to the group during his freshman year for the snacks, he has found a new passion for politics.  “Two years later it’s a really important part of my life,” Cohen said. “I’m really interested in politics and I owe that to this group.” The group has had many discussions about the two presidential candidates and the upcoming election. Even though there is a strong membership to the the group already, Cohen said SPU is always looking for new members, especially trying to include more female students. “We’re just starting to get rolling, but from what it looks like, we will have a very fun and good year,” said Cohen.