Sophomores complete service before retreat

Sandwiched between the exciting new beginning of high school in freshman year and the much anticipated Junior Retreat, the sophomore class can often lose a sense of unity.
The Sophomore Class Leadership Council, along with advisor Mollie Ward and Upper School guidance counselor Susanna Short, planned the annual Sophomore Retreat as a time to bring the class together.
The retreat began Feb. 8 with an evening program and continued Feb. 9 with a full day committed to building class relationships and community service.
A central component to the sophomore year is community service. Each sophomore is required to complete 12 hours of community service prior to the retreat. SoCLC helped the grade reflect on their experiences with community service. at the retreat.
Sophomore Eva Perez-Greene volunteered at Arc’s Thrift Shop, where she packaged clothing, and Mano a Mano, where she boxed items. She believes that the required service hours are beneficial to herself and her classmates.
“Some people wouldn’t have [volunteered] otherwise and some people may actually [discover] a passion for it,” Perez-Greene said.
Sophomore Afsar Sandozi, who worked for three weeks at the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, said that after volunteering, she began to notice and appreciate seeing people helping people.
“It feels good to give back,” Sandozi said.
At the retreat, students shared their service projects and experiences with their peers.
Perez-Greene also hopes that the retreat will bring her classmates closer on a more personal level: “I feel like everyone in our grade knows each other on a basic level,” she said.
“I hope that we get to know each other better.” Perez-Greene also hopes that the retreat will strengthen her grade’s dynamic.
“Everybody in the class should leave the retreat feeling part of the class,” Short said. “I hope that everybody can step out of themselves and meet one new person and change one pre-conceived notion of what somebody is.”
Last year’s sophomore retreat consisted of community-building activities and a day at Eagan Community Center filled with games and class discussions.
This year’s evening program will consist of class activities and preparing for the full day events of the retreat.
“The goal of the full day is to do some service and have some fun and to blow off a little steam,” Ward said.
During the day, the class will take a trip to Second Harvest and spend more time bonding with classmates.
“I hope…that we can really think about what kind of class [the sophomores] want to be.” Short said.