Seniors look back on their favorite shows

Seniors look back on their favorite shows

In the program for Hairspray, Upper School theater director Eric Severson wrote, “I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the commitment that this particular senior class has demonstrated over the past four years and the leadership they have shown during the rehearsal process… The work we have created together over the past four years has challenged me, inspired me, made me laugh and made me cry and none of it could have happened without you.”

Seniors acts shared their favorite productions by completing a survey about their involvement the past four years and their favorite shows.  The mini-profiles here highlight their responses.

Claire Flom-Staab

Claire’s Favorite Shows

1.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

2.  Hairspray

3.  The Trojan Women

Claire Flom-Staab said that one thing she will take away from her theater experience is, “Really good friends with a lot of inside jokes that come from the craziness of rehearsals.”

Clara Stahlmann-Roeder

Clara’s Favorite Shows

1.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

2.  The Drowsy Chaperone

3.  One Acts

Clara Stahlmann-Roeder has performed in every show opportunity since freshman year, except One Acts during senior year, when she directed.  “I’ll miss all the fun backstage shenanigans,” she said.

Liat Kaplan

Liat’s Favorite Shows

1. Urinetown

2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

3. City of Angels

Ibad Jafri

Ibad’s Favorite Shows

1. Hamlet

2. The Drowsy Chaperone

3. One Acts (directing): Phillip Glass Buys a Load of Bread

Claire O’Brien

Claire’s Favorite Shows

1.  Hairspray

2. The Drowsy Chaperone

3. Urinetown

August King

August’s Favorite Shows

1. City of Angels

2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

3. One-Acts

August King has performed in 8 shows over the past four years.  King said that, “Nine times out of 10, doing something on stage big and dramatically will serve your audience and your director better as opposed to half-assed and subtle, even if it’s a mistake.”

Andy Monserud

Andy’s Favorite Shows

1.  Hamlet

2.  Urinetown

3.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Andy Monserud has been involved with theater since his first production, Hamlet, freshman year.  “The biggest things I’ve gained from theater have been a bunch of great friends and a ton of fun. It’s also taught me to be a little less unnecessarily competitive and bitter when others do better than I do. Theater, while giving me the high of the stage, also taught me to be humble.”

Thomas Evans

Tommy’s Favorite Shows

1. Hairspray

2. The Drowsy Chaperone

3. Urinetown

Thomas Evans has spent as much time back stage as on stage during his four years.  He said, “Tech work is fun, and so is singing.”

Ellie Fuelling

Ellie’s Favorite Shows

1. Hairspray

2. Enigma Variations

3. Black Comedy

Ellie Fuelling has been on stage for every production, in major and minor roles.  Although Ellie is a self-proclaimed introvert, her time on stage has included bold performances as Helen of Troy in The Trojan Women and, in Hairspray, she took on three roles: the pregnant “nice girl in town,” the gym teacher, and the prison guard.

Chloe Hite

Chloe’s Favorite Shows

1. Hairspray

2. One Acts

3. Hamlet

Chloe Hite admits that she has learned many life-skills from being on stage.  “I learned to work in groups as a single unit, to take direction and adjust the results,” she said.  “I’ve also collected years of great memories, really great friends, and experienced a special kind of unconditional love and support.”

Read the Q&A with US Theater Director Eric Severson about Hairspray, and discover his favorite shows here.

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