Onlookers shocked by bombing at Boston Marathon

Onlookers shocked by bombing at Boston Marathon
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In what seems to be an increasingly frequent occurrence, the nation was again shocked by a senseless act of mass violence, this time a double bombing at the Boston Marathon. At approximately 3:10 PM on Monday, April 15, two explosive devices detonated within moments of each other near the finish line, injuring more than 130 spectators and runners and killing three.After the explosions, police cordoned off a 15-block radius around the site of the bombings, while first responders and off-duty medical professionals treated victims, many of whom lost legs in the attack. The injured were transported to local emergency care facilities, such as nearby Brigham and Women’s Hospital. A FBI anti-terrorism team was deployed from Washington D.C. to counter any further threat. A third, undetonated, bomb was found near the other two.

No group has claimed responsibility for the act of terrorism, and a no suspects have yet been arrested. Police reportedly interviewed a Saudi man present at the scene, although he was not taken into custody. Others have speculated that the bombing was correlated with Tax Day, a time that has inspired past acts of domestic terrorism like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The attack also took place after the 26th mile of the race, which was dedicated to the victims of the December massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

President Obama delivered an address shortly after the bombings, promising to bring the perpetrators to justice. An outpouring of condolences, support for the people of Boston, and disgust at the brutal attack on innocent civilians occurred on various social media sites as the news broke.

The investigation has been taken over by the FBI. Until their inquiry comes to a conclusion, the American people must again look on in shock, offer their prayers for the victims, and wait for justice to be served.

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