Scott leaves behind teaching and coaching legacy after 25 years

May 28, 2018

Mickey Scott did not become familiar with the St. Paul Academy community in the traditional way most teachers do. Scott began by tutoring a single student that attended SPA in her own home. She later began tutoring more students on the campus, and eventually became a teacher at the institution. Her scope ranged from teaching math to coaching the ski team and running track meets at the school. Scott ran some of the home meets to show support for her students and the team. Scott has taught at SPA in the math department since 1993, and her 25th year teaching is her final year at the school. She has taught nearly all math courses the school offers and left her mark in many other aspects of school programs.

I have served as SPA’s Cum Laude secretary and been responsible for SAC. I have also taught in Australia, South Africa, and Michigan. In the ’80’s, I had a math tutoring business. I have coached track, swimming, dance team and at SPA, Nordic skiing for 23 years. I teach pie-baking and give Nordic skiing lessons to anyone who asks,” Scott said.

Scott reflected on the change in the SPA curriculum and how it has affected students throughout her time with the school. Her relationships with everyone that she touched throughout her time here will be cherished by her for a long time.

“Academics have become more friendly towards students – less homework, less stress, fewer class sessions, softer deadlines. Changing to the block schedule helped facilitate these changes. The culture at SPA continues to become progressively kinder, safer, more caring, more open, more thoughtful. I think our sense of community continues to grow and we appreciate it more and more.” Scott said.

“I think one of the things I will miss the most next year is all my wonderful relationships with so many of different ages: students in my classes, students whom I taught in previous years, alums who return to teach or visit for a day, colleagues who are new to SPA, colleagues, and coaches whom I have taught and coached with for many years, generations of skiers I have coached and their families,” Scott said.

Timeline by Annie Bottern

As it becomes less common for teachers to coach SPA sports, relationships are formed differently. Scott believes relationships between students and teachers grow when teachers also coach their students.

“From my own experience, I know a special bond exists between student-athletes and their teacher-coaches. I think this is a loss to the culture at SPA.” Scott said.

As a ski coach, Scott won the hearts of her students while not becoming too lenient with the team. Junior Peter Moore and seniors Greta Sirek and Val Hart have been on the ski team for years and they shared their reasons for Scott being their favorite coach on the ski team.

“Ms. Scott was the best Nordic coach. She kept an organized team while also maintaining a positive and fun team. Before races, she would button my “cape” up to keep me warm and offer me a tissue to blow my nose. She always had the best post nordic snacks. When I was first learning to ski, she always stayed behind with me and made me feel supported,” Sirek said.

“I love Ms. Scott’s ability to bring the team together and her inclusiveness in any event during the ski season,” Hart said.

One of the things I will miss the most next year is all my wonderful relationships with so many of different ages”

— US Math teacher Mickey Scott

“Ms. Scott was the first ski coach I ever had in 6th grade and really helped me enjoy skiing. I really enjoy seeing her come out to conference and sections even though she’s not coaching anymore,” Moore said.

Her time coaching the ski team was worthwhile because of students like Sirek, Moore, and Hart that have spent the time making wonderful memories throughout her years coaching the team. On a larger scale Scott has touched a multitude of students, faculty, alumni, and members of the SPA community; so that her time here will be a fond memory and her legacy in the community will never be forgotten.

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